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  • You are a teacher
  • You are interested in technology
  • You are interested engaging students
  • You like to learn new app skills
  • You like to facilitate multimedia projects
  • You like to empower students through independent learning
  • You want to be on the forefront of the mobile multimedia revolution

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About the author

Greg Walker is an experienced Secondary Teacher who is passionate about transforming education through the use of mobile technology. We live in a mobile and digital age and should allow students to express themselves through cutting-edge technology.

During his teaching career:-

ICT (Computing) Years 7 to 12

  • IT Applications (Desktop)
    • Microsoft Office
    • Photoshop
    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • Premier Pro
  • Movie Making (Desktop and iPad)
  • Animation (Desktop and iPad)
  • Computer Graphics (Desktop and iPad)
  • Digital Photography
  • iPad Art
  • iPad Applications


Art (Years 7 to 12)

  • Art
  • Studio Art
  • Media
  • Graphic Design

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